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Every SHAPE sponsor MUST out-process to ensure their files are completed and closed.
This is a very important process which can cause a lot of problems if not done correctly.

To out process, you must complete the following:
1. Be sure you have all of the correct information before starting. You can contact your NMR or support unit, read this webpage or visit the Registration Section (Bldg. 210 - Room 109)
2. Start preparing at least ten working days prior to departure to inform yourself and begin to out process at least seven days before leaving. This is necessary because if there are any problems you have the time to fix them.
3. Download SHAPE FORM 52, which is the official out processing document, and complete the top section with your personal details. Start your tour of all required services, beginning with your own agency, mentioned on the form. The person responsible for each service will verify if you have turned in all received items or paid all bills.
4. Be sure that you have all required documents before you start your tour and do not forget them (SHAPE ID, P-ID or Belgian ID, ration cards, security badges, vehicle plates, proofs of payments, etc.)
5. The final stop of your out-processing tour will be at the Fast Line in Building 210. Please book an appointment for this final stop using the green button below.

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