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VAT in Belgium


    Bldg. 210 Room 113
   0257/62 660


Visit on appointment only. Please book an appointment.

Starting July 1st, the following procedure will be applicable for the VAT Office:
Request for goods exemption should be dropped off in the VAT Mailbox (Bldg. 210) following the procedure explained below
2. SHAPE VAT Office will be open to public only by appointment; please, book your appointment for the following issues: out-processing (SF52), car sale, car de-registration (permission to dispose), car total loss issue
3. Questions and information only by email

SHAPE Sponsors are entitled to tax-free purchases of reasonable quantities of listed items (see list of Exempted Items).
1. Get an invoice (no sales slip or ticket) on the sponsor's name and private address in Belgium
2. Fill out two original forms 151 for each invoice:

  • Box 1 Personal Information, name and address
  • Box 3 Check the Box 'For the personal use of staff member of an International Organization' + your name and signature
  • Box 4 Get the form stamped and signed by the authority (NMR, SU, HRM)
  • Box 5: A. Store details including VAT number - B. Invoice number + Date + Price without VAT

For US sponsors only: visit the US Community Centre Services (Bldg. 253), you will get the form 151 by providing your invoice
3. Drop off your request in the VAT Office mailbox (Bldg. 210 outside Room 113) 
4. The validated form 151 will be send shortly to your home address in Belgium 
5. To get your money back, bring back your original validated form 151 to the store.

The VAT permission to dispose form is delivered:
When selling a vehicle to turn the rear licence plate back at the fast line.
When shipping a vehicle to turn the rear licence plate back at the fast line.
After a vat regularisation to turn the rear licence plate back at the fast line.
When you turn back the rear licence plate BEFORE your leaving/out-processing date.

Please, print the document SHAPE Form 151 double-sided before entering data and handing it to the V.A.T. office. Please note, that you need to hand over a completed 151 doc. in the Home country language (Language where you need to be Refunded)


- Purchases referring to an invoice older than ONE YEAR will be refused.
- The "VAT and Excise Duty Exemption Certificate” 151 is an official European document and cannot be adapted or reproduced.
- The exemptions of taxes are not accepted during the last six months of the stay of a SHAPE Sponsor in Belgium.
- The goods must be delivered and used in Belgium during the stay of the SHAPE Sponsor (**)
- The document of exemption will be validated only after the purchased goods were delivered to the residence in Belgium of the SHAPE Sponsor
- No request for exemption will be validated without presentation of a valid invoice that must contain the name and address of the SHAPE Sponsor, the delivery address, the number of the invoice, the identification VAT number of the supplier, the description of the sold goods and the quantities, the prices net of tax and the rate of VAT.
- Sales slips are not adequate proof of purchase.

(**) Concerning purchases done outside Belgium but inside the EU:
1. The proof of transportation can be done with the CMR forms edited by the company who delivered the goods in Belgium (home address of the SHAPE Sponsor) and signed by the requestor certifying the delivery of the goods ordered.
2. A bill of payment for the rent of transportation means paid by the requestor can be a start of the proof that the goods were really brought into Belgium.
3. If the above mentioned documents are missing due to the fact that the transport is made by the applicant (SHAPE Sponsor) using his own vehicle for example, a letter stating that the goods where delivered and/or brought to the home address in Belgium of the requestor and stamped and signed by his NMR or equivalent or by the HR Civilian Branch can be considered as a proof by the Ministry of Finance (TVA/VAT). In this case, the applicant will specify the make, plate number, colour, kms and owner of the car used for the transportation. A control by VAT and Customs officers at SHAPE will be done if judged necessary.

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