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Rationed Items Store


    Bldg. 506
   065 44 5628


Tuesday – Friday: 10:30 – 18:00
Saturday: 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday & Monday: CLOSED

The Rationed Items Store (RIS) is the place where you can find a wide range of liquors, tobaccos and wines from many different countries. It also includes a perfumes, cosmetics, skincare and accessories (bags, jewels, watches...) department with famous brands.You can also buy TOTAL petrol cards in the RIS.
Rationed Goods
A valid and personal SHAPE ID card (AMIS Card) must be presented to the cashier when purchasing in the RIS. The cashier will scan your card, the customer is then asked to enter his/her PIN code in order to confirm the transaction. The balance of rations will be automatically adjusted.
This system is used to control entitlements of the following items:
- Spirits and liquors
- Cigarettes, Cigars and Tobacco
- Wines, Champagnes and Sparkling Wines
- Fuel Cards
WARNING: Alcohol rations are divided into 5cl units (e.g. 1 bottle of 75cl = 15x5cl). Purchases of bottles above 75cl will reduce the remaining monthly balance by that number of units (e.g. 1 litre bottle = 20 units).

RATIONED ITEMS (Weekly Allowance):

Please note that the dependents over 18 may purchase these products on behalf of their own sponsor (and according to the allowances of the sponsor).


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