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SHAPE Mouth and Nose Covering Policy

From 12 August 20 on all (military personnel, civilian workforce, family members, contractors, all others) will wear mouth and nose coverings when they cannot maintain 2 metres of physical distance. All must have the mouth and nose coverings at hand upon entering and inside the entire SHAPE compound. Within the SHAPE compound, additionally to 500 area, it is mandatory to wear the mouth and nose covering at all times in:

  • The 100 area when moving in and between buildings, not including offices and meeting rooms, but including visitors in the Visitor Pass Office (Bldg. 108)
  • The 700 area when school is in session, not including the schools themselves where the school rules apply;
  • The customers of the SHAPE Central Processing Centre (Bldg. 210),
  • Other areas or circumstances may be added by COS SHAPE

Mouth and nose coverings are not required to be worn when you are: seated in your office; have taken your seat in a meeting room; are sitting down to eat food; are standing (physically distanced) within a designated smoking area; or when you are actually participating in sport or doing physical training.

Physical Distancing must still be respected at all times.

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